About Dr. John Izzo

Dr. John Izzo helps companies maximize their potential from the ground up. For over 20 years, Dr. Izzo has worked with thousands of leaders around the world, on employee-engagement strategies and brand transformations. He has been a pioneer in employee engagement, leading change, shifting employee and consumer values and corporate social responsibility, and is known for his hard hitting practical content, his inspirational storytelling and the lasting impact he has on organizations.

Dr. Izzo has advised some of the best companies in the world on activating purpose including DuPont, TELUS, Manulife, McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s, SAPA, RBC, Lockheed Martin, Qantas Airlines, Humana, Microsoft and the Mayo Clinic.

He is the bestselling author of seven books, including the international bestsellers Awakening Corporate Soul, Values Shift, The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die, Stepping Up, and The Five Thieves of Happiness. His latest book, The Purpose Revolution, was published in 2018.

Frequently profiled in the media, Dr. Izzo has been profiled by the likes of Fast Company, PBS, CBC, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Inc. magazine.

Dr. Izzo is an adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia, where he is a co-founder of The Men’s Initiative, which is dedicated to creating a more equitable, compassionate, and sustainable world through enhancing the well-being and integrity of men. He also serves on the Advisory Board of Sustainable Brands.